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Neil Cook

Neil Cook

Neil Cook

Neil has experience in banking and finance in Australia stretching back to the early 1970’s. Trained in the intricacies of customer service, business management human recruitment, training and the technical aspects of lending to individuals, business and corporate concerns, he opted to expand his career in 1988 by joining what was at that stage the quasi-State Bank of Queensland, the Queensland Industry Development Corporation. Principally involved in agri-business lending, QIDC diverged into Commercial lending, Equipment and Structured funding all of which added to an ever-growing experience and skill base.

QIDC merged with Suncorp-Metway in 1997, Neil ran a business branch of the merged operation until 1999 when he opted to look further afield into contracting to private financiers and even the Queensland State Government before spending the past five years advising a private non-conforming loan aggregator on risk and credit procedure. Having experience in asset lending, property development and specific industry sector finance he is sure to bring his wealth of experience to all who choose to do business with waddayano.org.

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