Feb 262018

Let me, reader, draw your attention to a very important, and glossed over aspect of this current debate being sponsored by Corporate Australia. Continue reading »

Feb 102018

I don’t accept Katharine Murphy’s premise of not reporting on this sorry business, simply because she couldn’t verify the yarn. She shoots herself in the journalistic foot in at least two points in her “don’t-shoot-me-I’m-a-journalist” piece.

“I’ve known Joyce, and his former wife Natalie, for ages. We all grew up in the same part of the world.”

yeh….uh huh….and???

“The feedback I got in the time I had available to make inquiries was people weren’t speaking on the record.”

In the time she had available??!! If that’s not a cop out, I’m not here and I’m not writing this.

Let’s be just a tad honest about this whole saga. No-one in the MSM bothered to look further than the ends of their quills because of the ‘YUK’ factor. I mean, seriously!! Bananaby Joke bending some woman over a desk….not that I’m aware whether that really happened or not, but seriously??? That’s just YUK right there. Okay, so Barney poked some woman in the pants, and blew his load inside her. Well, doesn’t that just about confirm the extent of this idiot’s intellect? Too dumb, or over-whelmed by the power of the pussy to think about the consequences of letting go inside of a woman who wasn’t his marital partner, regardless of whatever difficulties his marriage may or may not have been experiencing. Yeh, I’ve been through that mill. I’ve played in another yard and I know full well – and knew at the time – what the consequences would be. If, as a male, you choose to seek sexual or emotional satisfaction outside of the societally created bounds of matrimony, then be prepared to wear the backlash, because it comes very quickly, it hits hard, it keeps on hitting and leaves you with scars to remember it by. But that’s an aside to the point of my writing.

The Main-Stream Media is a victim of it’s own inaction, it’s own prudishness and it’s own reticence to cannibalise what it perceived as one of it’s own. These journos all ‘know’ the people they follow around. Murphy admits as much. The rumour mill had been running for months, which Murphy admits, so why, if she or any other journo even suspected there was some substance, wasn’t the yarn pursued? Oh, because the journos didn’t have time, at the time. Yeh? Bullshit!

We’re talking here about a man with a known penchant for taking the tiller out of competent hands and steering his own course. The ad hoc decision to relocate the offices, staff and functionality of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority from Canberra to Armidale is a prime example. The man doesn’t think, he just ‘does’. So if this supposedly unintentional semen transplant wasn’t deemed to be in the ‘public interest’, but merely of interest to the public – considering what the media circus knows about Joyce’s penchant for shooting from the hip – why wasn’t it investigated further to accurately determine that it was merely a sordid matter of interest to the public? We’re finding out now – post-mea culpas from the media – that there was and is much more in the yarn than simple public voyeurism. We know now that Greg Maguire – sometime billionaire, “influential player in New England politics” and bon vivant – has gifted Barney & friend at least 6 months rent free accommodation in a luxurious 3 bed/2 bath townhouse which would normally have netted Mr Maguire some $14,000. Do I smell pecuniary interest? Oh nooo…..just a friend helping a friend.

We also now know that the Prime Minister’s Office took an active part in the hush-hushing of this Sexual Transmitted Disaster, by ensuring that a newly created and unadvertised position in Nationals Minister Matt Canavan’s team was created for the duffed mistress. That’s the creation of an alleged $191,000/annum paying job for someone who either knowingly encouraged the deposition of sperm into her uterus, or was gullible enough to simply open her legs because she thought the Boss would look after her. That’s public money she’s being paid. For a job that never existed and is essentially unnecessary & irrelevant to whatever it is Canavan does. Isn’t that just the tiniest little bit corrupt???????

I ask you this, reader. Is this behaviour – that of the PMO specifically – acceptable Westminster Parliamentary behaviour? Why not simply let Barney et al continue to rumble under the wheels of the bus he/they have wittingly and willingly thrown themselves under? Why do we, the taxpayer, have to fund the coverup – which it isn’t – of a sordid little affair by a sordid little man with a yet-to-be determined gullible woman? I say yet-to-be determined because she has gone to ground and we may never know just why she agreed to open her legs, which she surely did, and I find myself asking exactly why. Anyway, that is as may be. The point of the whole mess being that a sitting government is closing ranks around one of it’s own, claiming “private lives are just that….private”, while billing the taxpayer. As soon as the PMO jumped into the pool, the water became very, very murky.

Was the issue worthy of earlier investigation? Given what we know of the political knife-edge this government has teetered upon since September 2016, I would have though very much so. Has the Main-Stream Media let us all down yet again? Most definitely!

Jan 252017

I’ll tell you, dear reader, from the outset what Oz Day means to me these days. I think it makes a great long weekend when the day itself falls within the calendar correctly. 2017 is not a good example. Thursday for fuck sake!!! A whole lot of people will be either chucking sickies or legitimately taking leave on the Friday, making for a wonderful 4 day long weekend. Employers must really hate this time of year. Oz Day, followed by Easter, then Anzac Day, then May Day followed by Queen’s Birthday at mid year. Shock Horror that the plebs get public holidays!

When Oz Day falls as it does this year, it’s a day away from the rest of humanity. I hate people in the main because people – in the main – only want from you. Okay, that’s the role I’ve chosen as a Driving Instructor, but that doesn’t mean I have to be enraptured by the experience. There are days when I’d rather not get out of bed for fear of just what lies before me during the day. So I look forward to days away from humanity. Oz Day is just one of those days I look forward to.

Apart from that, the day means abasolutely nothing to me. I usually burn the flag, basically because I can. It is not illegal to do so, and to me the flag is simply a collection of coloured cloth which together represents the colonial origins of this nation. Australia today owes absolutely nothing to the United Kingdom. We are a progessive nation state, standing quite comfortably thank you very much, on our own half a world away and several hundred years distant in time from class-ridden Great Britain.

To my mind, Australia needs to cast off the shackles of the archaic monarchy of another nation state to which we owe no allegiance. So annually, I burn the flag for which I have no fondness, and which contains the insignia of that arcane monarchy. I do so because I can. Because I feel I am expressing my disdain for the British monarchy and all that it represents. I do so because the sewn together collection of coloured cloth means nothing to me. Hate away, all you red-necked right-wing froot bats, I couldn’t give a cubic root for your faux nationalism. Those of you who wrap yourselves in that collection of coloured cloth, believing yourselves to be genuinely Aussie, as you pour alcohol down your gullet, fill me with despair and disgust. We are better than that. We owe allegiance to no-one, no other nation state, no other monarchy. What you wrap yourself in is not representative of who you are. It most certainly does not represent me.

Tomorrow I will front a video camera and put voice to some thoughts about the current times, as I do every Oz Day. Those thoughts are MY thoughts and frankly, I couldn’t care less who feels aggrieved, or who feels empathy with my expression. What I do, what I say, is what I feel and no-one can deny that expression. THAT, is true democracy, and does not depend on loving a collection of coloured cloth.

Sep 152016

A vexed question, and after the past couple of days where One Nation Senators, Roberts and Hanson, stood in the Red chamber to air their particularly personal gripes, we who think much more broadly need to ask ourselves, just how should we handle such mindsets. hanson Continue reading »

May 272016

People often wonder why I’m so derisory of the conservative mindset. Well, today while driving around I happened to catch a little of the ABC Radio Nation program “Life Matters” which today was looking at the younger generation known as the ‘digital-natives’ – those who grew up with the internet, emails, mobile phones and a media saturated world. What do they think of the current body politick, and politics in general? Are todays politicians reaching the ‘digital-natives’. It’s a fascinating listen and I’d encourage anyone interested in issues of a socially formative nature to take in the entire program.

What caught my interest was a young man of 22 years who called in as a response to questions posed by the program. His name is David. I’ve captured and cut out of the podcast his input. Have a listen to it, and I think you’ll find within it why I have such a low regard for the conservative mindset. Basically, I see in David the typical responses to any question on politics or ideology from the so-called “right”. The left is over-whelming us, they’re too prevalent and that’s a bad thing (no rationale as to just why that’s a bad thing, it just IS) and a devolution of any attempt at rationale to – *GASP* socialism!! In short, David is of the right, and everyone else isn’t, ergo, he and his kind are the ones with the smarts and why doesn’t everyone else wake the fuck up and see this? David offered no logical explanation for his input, he simply opened his mouth and his preferred ideology fell out. THIS is why I have so little regard for the conservative mindset. I see and hear this sort of response all the time on a wide range of issues. A breaking down of complex social issues to a simplistic, single dimensional and solitary assessment of LEFT=BAD and RIGHT=GOOD.

Life, the Universe and Everything is far more complex than such flatline assessments, but let’s cut David a break. He’s only 22.