Mar 272013

Ladies & gents, girls & boys, it’s time once again to poke fun at the conservative drones who think they have some sort of presence on Twitter.

Feb 252013

This morning on Radio National Breakfast I heard yet another example of the moribund state of Federalism, co-operative or otherwise, within our democracy.

Apr 022012

Just been reading about the Kelly Bros heading to the US for an unveiling of the 2013 Nissan Altima sedan, rumoured to be the mount Kelly Racing will be astride come the unveiling of Car Of The Future next year.

Dec 162010

There’s a marvellously acerbic and totally accurate portrayal by one of The Oz bloggers in today’s rag, of the bigoted inconsistency existing within certain sectors of Australian society. There is nothing I can add to the accuracy, the vehement logic and honest expression of the hypocrisy evident in the general populace today over the issue of asylum seekers. Read the article.