Sep 152016
How Should We Handle One Nation?

A vexed question, and after the past couple of days where One Nation Senators, Roberts and Hanson, stood in the Red chamber to air their particularly personal gripes, we who think much more broadly need to ask ourselves, just how should we handle such mindsets.

Aug 232015
On Mark Latham and Common Civility

Sunday morning, and for some strange reason I always awake at 6:30am. No work today, enthusiasm has gone away – to paraphrase Herman – so I roll over, switch on Radio National & doze off again to the somnolent tones of Jonathan Green hosting Sunday Extra.

Dec 182014

So….David Leyonhjelm reckons that Sydney hostage business wouldn’t happen….sorry, PROBABLY wouldn’t happen, in Texas or ¬†Florida. He clearly didn’t do his research, which at the very least should have consisted of a Google on the terms “Hostage Situations Texas” and “Hostage Situations Florida”.

Mar 272013

Ladies & gents, girls & boys, it’s time once again to poke fun at the conservative drones who think they have some sort of presence on Twitter.

Feb 182013

I rarely read newspapers these days and even rarer are the occasions when I’ll waste the time necessary to read op-eds by conservative apologists.

Oct 122012

I came across this just now, and had to laugh to myself. It details graphically the level of political discourse in this country. There is none. Fair call for Cathy Stoner to have her say. As her husband stated, she is a free individual and entitled to her opinion. However the deletion of her Twitter account obviously says otherwise. It’s also indicative of the type of engagement a great many social media users have with politicians now. Especially those pollies, like Oakeshott, who use the medium. I applaud them all, whatever their political allegiances. Social media is a means of […]