Dec 142009

AlbertI quite enjoyed this article in today’s Oz, purely for the metaphorical imagery.

Remember that old sage which suggests that poor singers should sing solo….so low no-one can hear them? The suggestion doesn’t really apply to the opposition coalition or it’s leader, Tony Abbott. They’re already shrieking into a howling gale. More pointedly, they’re singing from an adulterated song sheet. Neither one thing nor the other, Climate Change denier Abbott has to be seen to be something of a believer to be taken even remotely seriously by the army he hopes to woo because even they will admit that while they might be sceptics, they know in their heart-of-hearts that inaction is a risk too far. Encouraging farmers to grow trees and bio-char sequestration might be all well and good, but we’re yet to hear from Mr Abbott about the costs of that encouragment.
Meanwhile, ‘Albert’ keeps doing the rounds.