Dec 182014

So….David Leyonhjelm reckons that Sydney hostage business wouldn’t happen….sorry, PROBABLY wouldn’t happen, in Texas or ¬†Florida. He clearly didn’t do his research, which at the very least should have consisted of a Google on the terms “Hostage Situations Texas” and “Hostage Situations Florida”.

Feb 132007

“Only when we get through
the next six, 12 months or
whatever period of time it
takes will we be in a
position to make any
reasonable and responsible
judgement about whether
the United States, Britain
or anyone else is in a
position to withdraw,”PM
’standing up for
Australia’ in
criticising Obama.
13/02/2007. ABC News
Online (via Whaling
activists push on after ship
crash. 13/02/2007. ABC
News Online)

Feb 062007

Bannerman is a sucker for a quiz, meme, inquiry or other brand of comparo advertised on the ‘net meant to define the contestant as being one or the other type of bigot. This one, promoted by Antony Loewenstein, makes especially amusing participation. More so, if you’re a non-American.

Feb 062007

The latest from the competitive world of coffee. This time, from the land of Starbucks, no less. Known colloquially as Sex-presso , the baristas are all female, all dressed to impress and all into pla…

Dec 122006

Bannerman is smiling sardonically at the responses from the usual media suspects in regard to Kofi Annan s farewell speech today at the Truman Presidential Library, Independence, Missouri….