Jun 182018

I don’t write much here anymore basically because I feel that my voice is just another of the many whispers lost in the rabble of overtly right-wing conservative shouting about neo-liberalistic idealism. What’s the point, right? However, once in a while I get a bee under my bonnet. The current bee has been disturbed & set a-buzz by coverage on the ABC – that’s the AUSTRALIAN Broadcasting Corporation, myABC if you will – about this piece of legislation currently in the Senate. The Treasury Laws Amendment (Personal Income Tax Plan) Bill 2018. This legislation seeks, according to government propaganda, to […]

Nov 012013

I used to think the Lowy Institute was a forward thinking collective. Clearly not, if the best they can muster to deliver their annual lecture series is Rupert Murdoch.

Oct 312006

Courtesy of the Guardian’s Hilary Osborne
The Dangers
All countries will be affected by climate change, but the poorest countries will suffer earliest and most.
Average temperatures c…