Feb 222007

Bannerman was somewhat distracted yesterday, and as a result, failed to address the SBS Insight program of Tuesday evening. In order that the ether not be further cluttered by same ol’ same ol’ commentary on the subject by Bannerman, please permit him the luxury, dear reader, of referring you to Darryl Mason’s and Rex Ringschott’s respective takes on what quite frankly was the best evenings viewing in the current affairs genre for Bannerman for many a moon past. Well written, gentlemen.

Feb 162007

Bannerman isn’t feeling all that charitable at the moment, so the reader will need to excuse him if he seems less then his usual ebullient self. Reason? Well, there are undoubtedly many, but for the sake of this post, let’s assume it’s to do with David Hicks.

Dec 062006

Mr Hicks’s legal team will argue in the Federal Court next Friday that the Commonwealth should have asked the United States Government to release him. It will also allege that Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer and Mr Ruddock have failed in their duty to protect an Australian citizen overseas.