Apr 302013

I’ve deliberately stayed out of political commentary for some time now. I see little point in commentating on political differences between the two major parties in Australia because essentially there are none.

Feb 252013

This morning on Radio National Breakfast I heard yet another example of the moribund state of Federalism, co-operative or otherwise, within our democracy.

Feb 182013

I rarely read newspapers these days and even rarer are the occasions when I’ll waste the time necessary to read op-eds by conservative apologists.

Jan 312013

This is why we, the voting public, refuse to take the main-stream media in Australia any more seriously than the Watchtower we so often find jammed under the front gate or in the letterbox. Frankly, from my perspective, this style of so-called journalism is just about as popular and needed as the ignominious JW’s at the front gate.