Feb 072007

As previously stated in this
tome, Bannerman enjoys
partaking of the audio
provided by ABC
Newsradio from the federal
Parliament when it sits.
Today’s broadcast
from the Senate struck
particular chords with the
Bannerman, in particular

Nov 302006

While many may not consider such broadcasts rivetting listening, I personally find it fascinating to take in the machinations of our elected representatives. Particularly Question Time over lunch. It makes for some light entertainment to laugh at the ‘Dorothy Dixers’ and arrogantly ignorant rejoinders from the Government benches to questions posed by the Opposition.

Nov 012006
Stupidly Googled

Here is a prime example of Labor not effectively using its brains before engaging its collective mouth. (Hansard proof copy available from 2 November 2006) During today s debate in the House on the cl…