May 202007

N-Number Inquiry Results N-Number Inquiry Results

Owner: Time Works Leasing LLC

Couldn’t resist the opportunity to see just who owns this aircraft. Oh, by the way, it’s the one which flew David Hicks home from the Cuban hell-hole he’s been held in for the past 5 years.

Previously registered as N592GA and before that VP-CVI, this 1999 vintage Gulfstream V, serial number 592, has quite literally been around the world quite a few times. One only needs search through Airliners_dot_net; FlightAware_dot_com; or Jetphotos_dot_net to find this out. Whether or not Time Works Leasing LLC is a CIA front company is unknown as no information exists on the internet regarding Time Works Leasing LLC. Strange, given that an aircraft leasing company should at least show up in flight plan lodgements or registered lease agreements. N90AM isn’t listed in Stephen Grey’s published records of known flights and aircraft used as noted in his book, ’Ghost Flight’. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’d be quite comfortable declaring Time Works Leasing LLC to be another CIA front company, especially given the predilection for spur-of-the-moment flights of people into and out of places like Guantanamo Bay to be undertaken on Gulfstream V aircraft.

On a related subject, given the above aircraft carried the man home, I’m extraordinarily pleased that David Hicks is back on Australian territory. He has finally defeated the system which persecuted him even though justice has not and likely won’t be his, at least until January 1 2008. I, for one, look forward the the real story being revealed.

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