May 082007

I’m launching today something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. A combination wine review site and personal tasting diary. Yes, I’m a wine buff, but only insofar as I know what I like and what I don’t. I’m no Len Evans, that much is certain.

That written, I do love my wine, and leap at any opportunity to taste, or more often quaff, a glass or three in the pursuit of that extra special drop. I’ve tasted quite a few from the Ballandean – Tenterfield region, some from the Hunter and some from the Barossa, but yet to really experience more than the odd bottle from Victoria or W.A. It’s not a rush job, in fact, wine as we see in the media, is to be enjoyed in moderation. Well….okay, maybe a little more than moderately sometimes, but I find that more than three or four glasses and the experience becomes a drink, rather than a taste. Not that I have anything against a drink, but if you enjoy your wine, you’ll understand my meaning.
Nose In Glass is just getting off the ground, so stick with it and maybe we can all learn something as time goes on. To each their own is my motto. My tastes aren’t everyones’ and vice-versa, but if I can recommend something that someone hasn’t tried, or promote a really outstanding drop, then the domain cost has been worthwhile.

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