Dec 052013

Here’s a tip for those of you taking an interest in Australian politics, in this desertified media landscape.

The Global Mail and The New Daily are two of the newest and most refreshingly non-conservative oriented online media outlets available today. I particularly enjoy the writing style of Mike Seccombe at TGM while the no nonsense, unopinionated, factual reportage being provided by TND is refreshing, and in my view, what a ‘newspaper’ really ought to be all about. News, not some bigoted or biased so-called journalists personal opinion, conflated to appear as fact. Hello, News Limited? Yes, I’m looking at you, and your mates at Fairfax.

If you’re not already getting TGM, TND or the other newcomer which is somewhat more mainstream, The Guardian Australia Edition, in your email inbox daily, then I strongly suggest you do so. They’re all new, different and a breath of the proverbial to be quite honest.Get int it

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