Jan 022007

Eva Cox from the Women’s Electoral Lobby has also questioned the decision to include an organisation opposed to abortion. “I think it is politically extraordinarily inept,” she said.

But Mr Abbott says Centacare is a professional organisation and safeguards will be in place to ensure women are not pressured into a decision.

ABC News.

Bannerman awards Tony Abbott 10 out of 10 for persistence, but 2 out of 10 for common-sense and astuteness. Come on, Tony! Everyone knows your religiously-oriented, goodie-goodie agenda and you can’t hide it behind the terminology of ‘Government Policy’ . There just so happens to be a prime directive regarding politics and religion, in case you’ve not been made aware. It’s called the Separation of Church and State. No religious or religiously-oriented body should be in any way, shape or form be involved in or associated with any Government policy dealing with abortion counselling as a part of health and welfare. Any such involvement, no matter how oblique Government attempts to make it seem, is a breach of that democratic prime directive.

You’ll never make PM this way, Tony!

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