Nov 302007

Any one who believes the usually partisan Main Stream Media coming out last Friday in support of Rudd Labor was anything but disingenuous populism, probably believes John Howard was the greatest PM of all time and that Brendan Nelson is really looking forward to the tribulations of Leader of the Opposition.

Of that disingenuous, populist crowd, Piers Akerman has to be the prime exponent. His writings are definitively anti-Labor and defiantly pro-conservative, even in the face of the blindingly obvious choice made by a huge majority of Australian voters. Even Gerard Henderson on this morning’s ABC Radio National Breakfast gave as graceful an acknowledgement of the emphaticalness (yes, it is a word!) of Labor’s historical victory as I’ve heard to date. But Henderson is a much more mature commentator than Akerman could ever hope to be, in my view. Not that that’s saying a whole lot. At least Gerard manages to pry open his closed eye once in a while.
It’s sad when supposedly leading journalist/commentators allow their own personal biases to overwhelm their sense of propriety and perspective, but that’s Australia’s MSM for you. I’m endlessly fascinated at the following their writings attract, but I suppose RWDB’s have to be cultured somewhere.

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