Apr 092010

It’s a good thing that these issues continue to surface long after the fact.

Political necessity decrees that full and proper disclosure through what would inevitably be regarded by some as ‘witch hunts’ is untenable in the current American political environment, so the job of continued exposure of the dark side of right-wing ideology falls to the media. As long as the media support their revelations with fact, then I for one have no problem with public disclosure of what amount to crimes against humanity perpetrated by the former Bush administration. History will record these crimes as unaddressed, but history will record them for what they are, none the less.
As a learning tool, historically events such as the illegal Iraq invasion and virtual kidnapping, incarceration and torture of innocents, make a poor curriculum. As the Spanish philosopher Santayana opined, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it”. Political memories are inherently short and fashioned by expediency. Generational memory is dimmed by the depth of history. As we all know, time heals all wounds, but it’s the scars left behind which we must all, as a species, regard not as badges of courage, but as reminders of the pain and damage caused in the making.

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