Sep 092010

So it begins. The agro being exhibited by the Opposition – the ‘real’ coalition as they call themselves – is yet more evidence that conservatism retains it’s born-to-rule attitude and the spite level at being spurned by independent MPs is extremely high.
After reading the Possum piece at Crikey yesterday, and subsequent news reports detailing the bile being exhibited by those who regard themselves as the losing party in Election 2010, it has become clear that the ‘world-of-hurt’ reference in the linked article alludes to precisely what Possum has predicted.
How will this bode for the 43rd Parliament? Only time can reveal that. Certainly, governing with anything even remotely approaching stability will be difficult for Labor. There is no mandate in any sense of the word. Green politics believes it has a once in 50 years opportunity to wreak social change, but at what cost will that change come and what form will it take? Will rationality take hold, or will anarchy for its own sake break out?
I hear Simon Crean on RN Breakfast this morning declaring that while he believes governing to be difficult, he also regards the prospect as exciting. I don’t know about exciting, but I do recall a Chinese proverb – or is that, curse – which speaks of interesting times. The coming period, however long or short it may be, will certainly be that.

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