Mar 162014

March In March events were held this weekend, right across the country. Capital cities, regional centres like Katoomba, Townsville and Byron Bay. Based on photos and coverage being provided by those within my Google Plus stream, I’d have to estimate well over 100,000 people, probably closer to double that if all the events were taken into account. As I say, this event rallied people from right across the country.

The main element to be taken note of is that these protests were peaceful protests conducted by rational but grossly dissatisfied voters. There was none of the Ditch-the-Witch idiocy, none of the rank and outrageous ranting by pseudo celebrity figures, just an open and honest expression of disaffection with what the Abbott government pretends to purport. There was none of the illogical ranting by bigoted types against minorities, but outstanding support of equality, egalitarianism, fairness and considered judgement. Elements of even-handed truly Australian nature which are sorely lacking from the Abbott cabal.

There is hope for the Australian society I grew up in, and the one I yearn to see restored. We are a great people, we are a fair people and we are NOT a judgemental people on the basis of colour, creed, religion or nationality. We accept all, we challenge those who don’t and won’t and demand rationales from those who would have us be otherwise. The pictures speak louder than any words can.

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