Nov 232007

Noal Pearson has once again left his knitting to come out in what appears to be a half-arsed critique of a potential Rudd-Labor government simply because Labor chooses not to pursue a referendum to amend the constitutional preamble so that it says something about aboriginal reconciliation.
Frankly, while I as a white man probably can’t appreciate what importance a few words nicely phrased might have to a black man, surely that’s the entire point. The preamble to the constitution is merely that. A few words, nicely phrased. Don’t actions speak louder than words? Shouldn’t the potential Rudd-Labor government be given an opportunity to show just what reconciliation means to it, in the grander scheme, rather than simply arrange a popular vote to replace a few words? That is, of course, if Labor wins tomorrow.
I’ve said it before. Noel Pearson ought to stick to his knitting. It seems that he’s done so much bleating in times past, and well founded in many cases, that he’s now stuck in a well worn groove.

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