May 162007

I’m never surprised at the stupidity of the so-called elite classes.

Take Peter "I’m-so-politically-incorrect-and-bloody-proud-of-it" Faris. This dick carries the suffix ’QC’ after his name. He clearly regards that nominative as a modern day equivalent of Matt Dillon’s badge of office. A license, if you will, to open his gob and let his brains fall right out.

"The information I get from other lawyers, and anecdotally, is that there has been quite a problem with high flyers in the legal profession in NSW and Victoria using cocaine for a number of years," Mr Faris said to ABC Radio.

Wikipedia reckons anecdotal evidence …

’is an informal account of evidence in the form of an anecdote or hearsay.’

Websters dictionary describes the word anecdotal as …

’based on or consisting of reports or observations of usually unscientific observers’

… which is to say that Peter Faris has no evidence whatsoever that he could produce against these so-called high-flyers who appear "all sweaty and hyped-up". Mind you, said individuals only appear that way to Peter Faris. Perhaps they’re stressed, Peter? The law is supposed to be one of the more stressful professions, isn’t it? Perhaps you’re suffering it’s symptoms?

This idiot then goes on the scrape the bottom of his brain pan by claiming that his legal colleagues – the sweaty and hyped-up ones, presumably – ought to be subject to a similar drug testing regime to that supported by the AFL. Well, if that were so, every legal-eagle in the country would have three chances to prove themselves to be fine upstanding, moral citizens before receiving a slapped wrist and a trip to the states for a two week session in some health farm. Fuck me, Faris! Do you ever consider what your gob is about to say before allowing it to flap open? It’s little wonder Michael Shand dismisses your irrationality as the nonsense it clearly is. "Extreme and unsubstantiated" barely goes far enough in my view.

One only need flit through Faris’s weblog to realise just what a poor excuse for rationality this man is. Yet he apparently deals in criminal law. I wonder who for, prosecution or defence? My sympathies go out to anyone he appears for.

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