Dec 122006

Bannerman is smiling sardonically at the responses from the usual media suspects in regard to Kofi Annan’s farewell speech today at the Truman Presidential Library, Independence, Missouri.


“Kofi Annan has been a shameless appeaser of dictators and tyrants on the world stage and he was fundamentally opposed to the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq,”Nile Gardiner, Heritage Foundation

‘shameless appeaser’ …… listen….. Neville Chamberlain just rolled over.

“Kofi Annan’s farewell remarks ignore the fact that the U.S. contributes 25 percent of the world’s peace-keeping budget and continues to be the greatest defender of liberty the world has ever known.” – Senator Kay Hutchison, Republican -Texas

Senator Kay fails to acknowledge the US spends more than any other ten nations on the face of the globe starting and fighting wars it can never win, purely for it’s own economic and political benefit.

As stated, Bannerman is nodding and smiling today. Having read Annan’s speech and listened to the initial press conference immediately afterwards, it is clear that what the UN Secretary-General spoke of and about is what the UN stands for. He spoke of why it was created and where the world and its sole remaining superpower need to be looking if the Truman ethos of 1945 is to be carried on. Fox News has the temerity and poor taste to ask “should America be outraged?” Bannerman’s rejoinder to that ridiculous question is quite simply, “America should be ashamed”. Not all Americans feel like Murdoch’s mouthpiece though. Senator Chuck Hagel (Rep-Nebraska) had this succinct statement:

“Kofi Annan served as secretary general during 10 of the most difficult, complicated, and dangerous years of the U.N.’s history. He did it with grace, humour, determination, and always doing what he felt was in the best interest of mankind,”

Indeed. Ten very difficult years and mistakes made along the way which the man has already acknowledged. There is no call on him to go on acknowledging them. The America of today is a far cry from the American ideals espoused by Harry Truman in 1945. The America of today is selfish, arrogant and bigoted. The derogatory nominative ‘Arrogant Empire’ seems so very apt when responses to criticism…..any criticism, of her foreign policy, trade ethics or position as pre-eminent nation capable of leading the way on issues of poverty abolition, arms limitation, trade consensus and mentoring of the worlds developing nations, are forthcoming. Yes, it’s not very nice to be criticised all the time, however, if cause for critique didn’t exist, neither would the critique. QED.

Bannerman is not a fan of today’s America. That much should be patently obvious to even the casual reader of this tome. America has moved too far to the right for her current administration to be taken even slightly seriously with regard to following the ethos of the Truman belief in what the UN ought to represent. Of course, Truman being a Democrat merely serves to confirm in the eye of the cyclopean hawks in American politics and society, that his vision for a world body designed and intended for consensual dispensation of right and justice for all nations, is clearly flawed. Such is the nature of left -v– right dogma.

Kofi Annan will be missed by the worlds responsible nations. He will not be missed one iota by the Bush administration, which tried and failed to have him sanctioned on numerous occasions. Administrations, like UN Secretary-Generals, never last long. Eight years, tops and it’s over. The United States has lost much during the Bush years. She has lost the respect and veneration of the global community for her pig-headed approach to détente, her obsessional need for dominance over all other comers on any issue which might even marginally impact upon her status in trade, industry, foreign aid programs and the ecology. America needs to realise that on this Earth, all nations are wedded to all other nations and it really is ‘unto death us do part’. America, as with all other nations, doesn’t need sycophantic cow-towing and unquestioning obeisance. She needs good friends who’ll tell her what it is, like it is. Sadly, Australia is not one such. Would but we were.

Yes, America was attacked in 2001, by forces she’d taken for granted. Therein lies the message, but a message America has failed to acknowledge. The knee-jerk reactions since September 11, 2001 have been filled to the brim with selfishness, arrogance and self-righteousness. The proverbials are coming home to roost currently. Bannerman feels sympathy for the successor to the Bush administration. The job of recovery of that nations economy, not to mention global considerations, prestige and respect will be gargantuan. Had the US adhered to the ethos of consensual debate and remain inclusionist rather than retreating from the global community in 2001, she would be in a much better position from so many different perspectives today. Annan’s five lessons – collective responsibility, global solidarity, the rule of law, mutual accountability and multilateralism – will fall on deaf ears in the White House. His time at the helm of the UN, however, will not have been wasted. His lessons will be well heeded by the next generation of global leadership, for if they are not, terrorism and poverty will win out. The world risks splitting into two. The ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. An environment of avarice which will spawn even more angst from the ‘have-nots’ toward the ‘haves’. This is what we all face today. It is time for a new Fair Deal. Not just for America, but for the global community, and America must lead the way. If she fails, and continues on the road she currently follows, there will be no global community. Such is the burden of hegemony.

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