Mar 082010

Today is – apparently – International Womens Day, otherwise known as IWD. Sounds eerily like a birth control device, doesn’t it? I digress…

There’s a vitriolic furore in the Oz ‘sphere today over an article written by someone named Louis Nowra ( a male, no less!) which lambasts Germaine Greer and her seminal work, The Female Eunuch. I’m especially amused and enthused by Helen Razer’s post, which far and away states the opinion of a truly liberated woman better than I’ve ever read, anywhere. She even uses my favourite four letter word, cunt.


So, who is Louis Nowra? That’s him above. Apparently a playwright, author, arts promoter and something of a closet misogynist with a latent Oedipus complex if the preview of his damning essay in this month’s The Monthly is anything to go by. I’m not going out to buy the mag, nor pay for online subscription because there’s rarely anything of genuine interest in it for me, so perhaps it’s unfair of me to castigate the man for his opinion, when I’ve not read it in it’s entirety. I’ll let those who have do that. Suffice to say though, that any male who attacks Germaine Greer, rightly or wrongly, is going to incur the wrath of the woman’s fan base. Nothing is more likely.
I’ve not read Greer’s book – The Female Eunuch – principally due to the fact that I don’t have a cunt, even though I’ve often been described as being one, and while my tits seem to have blossomed somewhat with age & good living, other men don’t seem to be falling over themselves to grope me. I’m male. The book was, presumably, written for an exclusively female readership. From all accounts, it had – some might say still has – a message for women everywhere who wonder if their place in the grand scheme of human society is what they think it is. See? I told you I hadn’t read it. That aside, apparently Nowra_nee_Doyle – why change a name you’d lived with for twenty years to one equally as unattractive or memorable? – has read it, with the principal critique he offers being a nasty form of personal commentary about Greer’s appearance, predilection for attention-seeking (his words, not mine), and concern for her mental health. Nothing at all about the time of the book and the culture of that time. Just a typically male perspective to which he’s entitled, but also one which he cannot expect to get away with expressing in a national publication scot free.
Women bring such fascination and beauty into the lives of we males, we forget that apart from being good home-makers, bearers of off-spring and convenient containers for our ejaculate, they are also human beings just like us. An essential part of us, if truth be told, and genetically, some might say, the more perfect part, if the human species can in any way be considered anywhere near perfection. Me personally, I love women. They are just as flawed as we males, but in radically different ways. They think differently, act differently and above all else, offer a view of life, the Universe & everything which we males all too often dismiss because of their gender. ‘What would a woman know?’This is a man’s world!’ Well, no…’s not. It – meaning the westernised societal culture we inhabit and operate under – doesn’t belong to either gender. It is what it is because of the engagement between the genders, and in most cases, the disengagement on the part of the male of the species. Take the anti-abortion row for starters. The most vociferous opponents of abortion on demand are males, when surely, the right to decide to bear or not bear a child belongs solely to the female. I’d go so far as to state, what-the-fuck business does ANY male have telling any female what she can or can’t do with her own body??
I could go on, but why bother, because I’m male & what would I know. Suffice to say, I’m bonded to a female for life and yes, I find her to be an extra-ordinarily confusing, frustrating, caring, thoughtful, attractive, annoying, demanding and satisfying adjunct to what would otherwise be an existence left hollow by the experience of living it alone. We males NEED our females. We rely on them, despite our macho claims to the contrary. Yes, we bag them at every turn, and why? Because they are not like us. Do we really want them to be like us? No, so why do we constantly whinge otherwise? Because we can. That’s a part of the male psyche, to always want what we can’t have. Green grass, etc.
So, do I have any sympathy for Mr Nowra_nee_Doyle? Absolutely not! Do I have empathy with his opinion? hmmm….some, but not a lot. He is, after all, a brother albeit, an upper-middle-class, opinionated brother, but a fellow male none the less. I wonder if he even realises that we males do have our own international day, 19 November annually? Probably not. In typically male fashion, it’s a whole lot easier to pick on the female and turn a selectively deaf ear & blind eye to the realities of modern life. Get me another beer, sweetie! I suppose a fuck’s out of the question?

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