Oct 202007

Apparently, you can’t Google images and hope to derive an accurate answer. The above logo belongs to the People’s Action Party of Singapore. Took me less than five minutes to Google the proof of what it represented.

This belongs to the British Union of Fascists. Apparently, you can’t Google for this symbol either. I used the term ‘lightning bolt in circle insignia’ and had the symbol appear on the second page within 10 minutes.
Bloody amazing is Google. It does have limitations, however. It won’t tell you what someone wrote three and a half years ago in response to a non-english-speaking Vietnamese immigrant damaging a person’s car and pissing off without due recompense. Or even a ‘sorry’. Not even archive.org will tell you that sort of thing. BUT!!…..if you’re of a sharply defined ideological vein, narrow in perspective and lacking in intestinal fortitude, you’ll probably have stored the archive address of the situation in some storage space like Furl. Just in case you haven’t, here’s the one I came across today.
None of the links work any longer, but for the record, it was me who ranted racially against the ignorant, slitty-eyed, slimy little Landcruiser-driving vietnamese prick which damaged my vehicle & shot through without so much as a jabba-yabba-phoung-poo-tou. For the record, I’d do precisely the same had the driver been born Australian. I take no prisoners.
Let’s be clear. I have absolutely no regard for Tim Blair, or any of his acolytes. I have no time for ‘followers’. I’m way beyond being concerned about what people think of what I write. I am prepared, however, to accumulate evidence against those who would stoop to denigration of my family either by oblique reference or innuendo. So, the message is clear. Whilst my domain may be traceable, I will not hesitate to prosecute those who venture beyond my domain and attempt insult by linkage to members of my family.


And now I return you, dear reader, to the usual banter and repartee normally presented in this tome.

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