May 262007

"Appendage is a really bad way to put it, but women have a choice"

Herald Sun

One only need peruse the Hun pages occasionally to ensure the modus operandi remains unaltered.

Little Johnny Howler reckoned Rudd ought to have chosen another word. Emma Stewart thought the same. Personally, being a middle-aged man with an appendage for a wife, I tend to think Rudd’s choice of words, while not politically correct, was spot on!

You see, reader, this is the latest tactic in the game of politics. Political correctness. Heavens forbid that the next potential Prime Minister of Australia should actually speak his mind! Anyway, here’s the real question…..should Therese Rein give away the multi-million corporate entity she’s worked and strained hard to build up over the last 18 years? Put yourself in her position. Here’s her man, about to become PM and embroiled 24/7 in the cesspit of domestic politics. Here’s her, jet-setting around the world looking after her money-making business while somebody else looks after her rug-rats. What future would you rather extend into? Hubby’s thing might last just one term, in fact, if you keep your company thing, three years is a very short time before finding yourself suddenly consigned to being the appendage of a middle-aged man.

Mate, if I were Therese Rein, I’d be telling Kevvy to suck it up. I’m not selling anything, anytime soon and if anyone’s likely to become an appendage……it’s him! Perhaps something Kevin Rudd Esq. ought to be grateful for?

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