Sep 012013

… like three Nembutal and a jolt of really top notch Vodka on the way out life’s front door.  I just spotted the Sydney Telegraph front page posted by someone I follow on Google+ and honestly…felt genuinely ill. This is what passes for so-called newspaper reportage in this country now. Partisan political maneuvering deliberately aimed at regime change through coercion of the gullibles. What stinks and stings most is the fact that these newspapers are owned by a non-citizen, Rupert Murdoch.

That in and of itself is why I refuse point blank to buy or read online any newspaper owned by Murdoch. None of them are real news carriage vessels. They’re all vehicles for portrayal of the owner’s social conservative ideals. A mega-rich man determined to decide the political and philosophical future of a country he surrendered his citizenship of in order to make more money. Just as well in my view. Real Aussies don’t behave that way. Real Aussies don’t desert their country. Further, as Andrew Elder wrote late last week, there are no journalists in this country who aspire to that title willing to critique the conservative side of politics, preferring to weigh in with what is generally perceived to be the ‘winning side’ in this election. Doubtless seeking favour post 7 September.

As a paid-up Labor Party member, I am only too willing to admit that the past three years have been anything but a wander through a field of daisies for my Party. Indeed, I regard the ouster of Kevin Rudd in 2010 as the beginning of the descent into the wilderness. The only thing saving Australia from a conservative sentence at that time being the tainted memory of the Howardian years just three years hence. What my party failed to do – and Rudd is to be held to account for this – was sell their achievements. One of very, very few nation-states to come out of the GFC with a AAA credit rating AND a bountiful economy. Include advances like paid parental leave, education reforms, attention to climate change through the trading of carbonaceous pollution and now a path to marriage equality for same-sex couples as well as health reforms and nation building projects like the NBN….I’d say six years of Labor through the worst economic downturn since 1929 has seen this nation well placed for a progressive future. But no…..conservative forces want to focus on the epherma. The political power plays, the selfishness which is politics itself. The ambitions of individuals instead of the future of the nation.

I’m jaded, despite only in the past 6 months taking the decision to get involved by joining the party I have supported all my adult life. I’m jaded because the reality of democracy and the machines behind it are what they are. It’s so very, very sad. In my electorate of Bowman, the conservatives are pumping what must be hundreds of thousands of dollars into an advertising presence for Andrew Laming. A distasteful sod who is never visible within his own constituency. A rich man’s excuse for the working man’s representative. Just the visible presence itself – placards, posters and mailouts – outweighs that of the Labor candidate Darryl Briskey by 50 to 1 at least. The party obviously feels the fight is already lost before any vote is cast so they’re not spending money. They are in effect dropping the gallows floor from under Briskey while the hangman slips the noose over his head. No last words, no justification. Just mute surrender. Isn’t Queensland supposed to be pivotal to Labor’s chances?

Poor fella my party. Too much the machine, too little the people. Yes, the man I favour to lead the party is back where he belongs, but is it all too late? Is the damage from the 2010 coup over and done? Has Gillard – the player’s stooge – wrought the rack upon which Labor will be drawn? I fear so, as long as the punditry who speak only to the gullibles continue with their avid follower ethos. Only social democracy can cement this nation’s future. That alone has been proven time after time. From Whitlam to Hawke, to Keating and then Rudd. Conservatism in between times has only proven detrimental to the heart of this nation, the working man & woman. Conservatism only ever benefits those who feed it. Business and industry. What it never recognises even after losing a fight, is that without the working man and woman there can be no business and industry. We’re all in this for the longer run and we all need to balance out our needs. This is integral to the Labor belief. If Abbott takes power next week, I can only hope his deep-seated avarice, his naked hubris and innate social conservatism are quickly seen for what it is. Damage will be done again and it will return to the progressives to restore balance but not before great harm is done to social programs and the most needy.

If it is to happen, dear reader, let us hope that it’s run is abbreviated by conservatism’s inbuilt flaws. It’s inability to see beyond the past and plan for the longer term. Let us hope that it’s run is brief and it’s harm minimal. Let us also hope fervently that Abbott – the failed priest, self-confessed teller of falsehoods, protector of paedophiles and aggressive homophopbe – is swiftly ousted by the moderates who still exist within what Bob Menzies once called a Liberal party.

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