Aug 302007

I’ll do the right thing, and aid promotion of the Australian Blogging Conference soon to be held in Brisbane. I have some advice for the organisers, however.

Friday, 28 September is a work day, and while I’m sure that Peter Black and his assistants have put a lot of work into the gig, it’s pretty clear to me that little if any consideration has been given to the fact that the greater majority of bloggers in the immediate Brisbane environs will be at work until at least the late afternoon. Far be it for a self-declared lefty like myself to decry the seemingly elitist approach to this event by academics, to be held at an academic institution on a day when really only academics, the unemployed or vacationing bloggers in Brisbane might attend, but that’s the impression I get. Sorry if that assessment offends, but that’s the realities.
Even Tim Blair had the good sense to have his meet on a Saturday a couple of years back. Not that I went along, naturally, but Saturday or even a Sunday for that matter, are a lot more acceptable to we working bloggers. Something worth remembering for future possible gatherings, Peter. I hope to make it along to the afternoon sessions and maybe an ale at the Normanby.

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