Aug 122007
Hey! Did anyone notice Bolty was back on the ABC this morning? Insiders just hasn’t been the same since he decided to take a vacation, but now he’s back. Mister Supercilious 2007, the man who can’t stand to be found wanting. He took to David Marr like a clown to a ping-pong ball and all the protestations from David to ’let me finish’ fell on deaf ears. Ahhh, how refreshing it was to see the camera constantly flicking back to Bolt for that shaking of the head, the raised eyebrows and I-know-better smirk.

Welcome back, Andrew. Sunday mornings have regained their attraction for me once again.

  One Response to “Back to Bolt”

  1. I was interesting that David Leftfooter Marr was in the middle, on the right of the couch, and kept flinching from Rusty’s touching and fondling. He spent the rest of the prog. distinctly back shouldering the Dolt.
    Gerard is just dreary and even Porkerman seems to have lost his edge so, for want of better heandbangers – PP MycG perhaps? – rusty Dolt will have to do.

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