May 152007

Prime Minister John Howard says today’s Newspoll result is very negative for his Government.

ABC News Online

Testing, testing……..1….2….3….can anyone hear Little Johnny Howler? Clearly not, yet LJH doesn’t think the people have stopped listening, according to what he’s just told Kerry O’Brien. Denial certainly doesn’t only flow in Egypt.

The troops haven’t stopped shouting the message though. Mark Vaile today in Queensland to deliver the message that Beattie’s Labor government are bad because Queensland’s roads are bad. Yes, I’ll agree that Queensland’s roads aren’t on the same level as those of NSW or Victoria, but then, NSW and Victoria are smaller, more centralised states with higher populations from which to derive revenue. The state of Queensland roads aren’t entirely at the feet of Beattie’s Labor. But $83million? A piss mark on a dry wall. Briefly visible, soon soaked up. The really amusing part of Vaile’s release today – for me anyway – was the aired comment on Radio National from Vaile that the coalition wasn’t interested in the votes from this handout. It was much more interested in securing the safety of Queensland drivers. Riiiiiight.

Here’s a tip for those who are interested. Go onto the ABC Radio National search engine, select "Search All the ABC" and and enter ’Vaile roads’. Take a note of the number of articles and news reports referring to Mark Vaile making grandiose promises regarding Queensland road funding. Everyone who pays even the slightest attention to things political in this country knows full well Queensland is vital to both major parties. The advantage of government being that the barrel of pork you can roll out in election year actually has some in it. Safety of Queensland drivers?

Testing, testing………I’m still not hearing anything.

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