Jul 262007

"Certainly, given the events, I’ve asked the police to assure me that the evidence and the information they gave to me is still correct"
Andrews asks police to review Haneef visa info – ABC News


Stuff-ups Incorporated, alias the Howard Government, in company with the Keystone Cops, otherwise known as the Australian Federal Police must be feeling very uncomfortable, a la Bazza MacKenzie*. With all the back-peddling now underway, it’s a wonder Andrews, Ruddock and crew have the gonads available to even face the press, let alone make statements.

I’d really like to know whether there’s likely to be any heart-felt apology granted to Dr. Haneef once he’s released from custody and his visa re-instated. There’s a strong likelihood that’s what will occur now that the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution has ordered a full review into the case evidence, to be personally conducted by the DPP himself. Then there’s the cost of the flight Dr.Haneef didn’t get to take; the twenty-one days work he’s been deprived of due to bureaucratic over-zealousness and politically oriented rat-baggery. Not to mention the personal affront to the man’s professionalism, his religion and culture. From a civil perspective, I’d reckon Dr.Haneef has excellent cause to sue the daylights out of the Australian government for wrongful arrest alone.

Even that right-wing reprobate Queer Codger, Peter Faris, believes the whole thing is a complete circus being run by clowns. I dare say he won’t codify his remarks in terms of the legislation which has fostered this civil liberties debacle. That would be one out-spoken statement too far for Peter Faris, After all, it would be tantamount to a slight against his side, wouldn’t it.

AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty is another who needs to come into the daylight and see things as they really are. He’s unlikely to speak his mind on any issues which might point the bone at the Howard government, especially after being castigated by Arthur Sinodinos and Co the last time he opened his gob to speak frankly. Personally, I lost all respect for Keelty when that happened and whining to the media today that this legal tail chasing exercise over Dr.Haneef, the maybe-just-maybe terrorist, simply cements my disdain for the man even further. I don’t doubt for a minute that times have been tough on his people, but who’s fault is that? The 18th Century fright-night legislation has been in place for quite some time now. Surely, as head of the Australian Federal Police, he’s seen fit to have his people educated in the necessities of adhering to the letter of the law in conjunction with standard, prudential police investigatory procedures? Obviously not. I feel for the functionaries, especially the family of the poor sod who keeled over earlier this week, but for Keelty et al, not raised eyebrow from me.


Take note, Australia. This is what happens when ill-considered legislation is rushed into place by an arrogant government simply because it can. Unless this legislation, which at least in part is necessary, is suitably amended as it ought to have been in the first place, these circumstances of wrongful arrest and incarceration will happen again. Just be careful it doesn’t happen to you, because clearly, it can.

* "Barry McKenzie Holds His Own"

  One Response to “Balls and Bicycle Wheels”

  1. As bad as legislation is (and it IS pretty crook – thanks a heap Bomber for your stalwart Opposition, one of the few (only?) times I recall when Mr Prolix Verbiosity said too litle), anyone who’s ever had any occasion to deal with wallopers (or ANY puffed up bureaucrat, from the gas meter reader to a PPS) knows that the letter of the Law is far less importance than attitude. When you’re picked, you stay picked.
    Face it, with the immense power of the State and sheer lazy incompetent inertia propping them up, fairness is not a consideration, even when it wouldn’t (unduly -sic!) inconvenience the pants-polisher.
    Anyone with decency or dignity in those jobs very, very quickly either quits, (being, by definition, the State most have tenure so, until recently, sacking wasn’t common except by attrition) or is transferred to filing in the basement.
    Which isn’t a bad place to be, as that’s where the bodies are buried – there’ll almost always be a piece of paper pertinent to the scandal d’jour. Except that the Rodent has learned from experience that the less written down, the easier ignored, denied or denigrated.

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