Feb 262010

Clive Hamilton – author, academic and ethicist – writes again today in the ABC’s Unleashed pages for the fifth time on the rise and substance of Climate Change denial in the media. A damn good read it is too, but nothing new to those of us who follow these quasi-cultural wars between Climate Change realists and Climate Change deniers.

Today’s post takes to task the Australian flagship of the Murdoch empire, The Australian. Again, it’s hardly news to those of us who are aware, that the Oz is a nest of ideological Januses purporting to be journalists, all of whom bow & scrape to the edicts of the lord & master, Rupert. Anyone reading the Oz over the past two years would have recognised the awareness which gripped the likes of Dennis Shanahan, Greg Sheridan, Janet Albrechtsen, Glenn Milne, Caroline Overington, Imre Salusinszky, Bernard Salt, and Chris Mitchell, the editor in chief in Early November 2007 that politics in Australia was about to change. So did the tone of the conservative cliche at the Oz. All backing Rudd, all jumping pell-mell from the foundering Howardian tramp steamer. The change of heart lasted less than six months and ever since, there has been a steady return to the lines of old, bagging the Labor government at every turn, while attempting to fostering hope in conservatism as the coalition parties rent themselves asunder.
I’m especially enamored by the way Hamilton highlights the likes of Andrew Bolt and Timmy Blair as doyens of the nhilist right, heads jammed firmly into their own particular sandpits, scraping dags from their own arses to hurl around at anyone and anything even remotely supporting or validating Climate Change science. Hamilton is only too accurate when he identifies the complete lack of peer reviewed science which accompanies these attacks, which only goes to prove that fighting fire with fire, or in the case of Climate Change, science with science, has never occurred to the denialist mindset.
I’ve not read the previous four articles, because I didn’t know they existed, but I will be now. It’s well and truly past time that science received the support it deserves and denialism the brickbats it cries out for. Congratulations Auntie ABC, for acting as the vehicle carrying such weaponary into the Climate Change battle, in direct contrast to the massive media resources being utilised by the right.

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