May 252011

The battle rages on, still. I am now onto twitter account #6 in as many days.

Why, you might ask? Have a read of yesterday’s post & you’ll get the gist. Turns out that David Thiessen aka @dotnetnoobie is hacking my accounts, which apparently if you’re into geek stuff isn’t at all hard to do. How do I know this? I happened to spring him in the @CmdrCallis account last night after he thought I’d buggered off to bed. Exact same username, altered avatar. Clearly he is hacking the account, to which I’ve alerted twitter, but I seriously doubt Twitter will do anything about it. Twitter doesn’t do a whole lot about anything.

But how did I know it was @dotnetnoobie? Trust me, it’s dead easy to spot the ‘speech pattern’, apart from the fact that despite the fact that I’d blocked him, and @aj2 aka Allen Jack Bolderoff from account initialisation onwards, he made the mistake of responding to a tweet wherein I’d stated, “all things come to those who wait, David”. So yes, I’m well aware of what’s going on. Thiessen is clearly a sad individual who delights in rubbishing others from the security of anonymity and safety of the far side of a computer monitor, yet when confronted with someone who will not tolerate such juvenile behaviour and takes action to end it, he shows his true colours. A sad, single, 40 year-old hiding out in Tasmania from responsibilities in Queensland. For those interested….oh look I’ll be honest, I don’t give a shit who’s interested, I’m going to post it here anyway…. his address is flat 1, 19 Tilyard Street, Montrose, Tasmania 7010. Look it up, that address is also the address of this little business. Noobie is flatting with a lawnmower. At 40 years of age. Single. Form your own opinions. Oh, and his phone number is 0450 496 331. For the record, here’s how I tracked him. It’s dead easy, especially if someone determined to remain anonymous makes the most vacant-brained mistake of attaching their domain to their profile. It’s an open door to public domain information. I suspect that’s what has him pissed more than anything else, the fact that he fucked up monumental, and the info is all there for anyone to read.

Oh, and as for @aj2 declaring that he’s innocent, I’d recommend anyone so gullible read his timeline, especially over the past 48 hours. He lies continuously and blatantly. This post, and this, and this. Each one a barefaced lie. I’d suggest to young Allen that if he really didn’t want his wife’s mobile phone number in the PUBLIC space, he should have made certain that both his and her mobile phone numbers weren’t out in the public space. Of course, he needs his to run his PC repair business – Danveramax Pty Ltd – but anyone with half a brain wouldn’t be using their personal mobile as their work mobile as well.

And that’s the crux of this entire sad saga, reader. I have broken no law, real or imagined. I accessed publically available information. It’s funny really, that those who make their living (supposedly) out of information technology software & hardware fail miserably when it comes to the realities of what they’ve put into the ether.

On a very serious note I spoke with my solicitor today and will be face-to-face with him tomorrow. I am taking action against Thiessen, whether under defamation or libel laws is undecided. I’ll be guided by the eagle. Cost is now not a barrier. I do not take kindly to false accusations being made about me in a public forum. I will have justice.

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