May 182007

Filed under Bizarre, entitled Bizarre because this is Bizarre in my estimation.

A citizenship test, fer fucksake? An examination which may include questions on religion and politics? Let’s step back a mo and presume – just for the briefest moment – that not everyone is held fast in the grip of global events, that the so-called war-on-terrortm means nothing to many and politics to a huge swathe of the population is a time-wasting occupation for the nouveau riche and power-hungry societal wanna-be’s which we, the people, are forced to take part in once every four three years.
Those presumptions in place, a possible exam paper might look like this:

  • Q. Which political party is in power?
  • A. Dunno and don’t care really. Why do I need to know that to be a citizen? Next question?
  • Q. What is the religious basis for moral beliefs in Australia?
  • A. Dunno, I’m an aethist, next question?
  • Q. What colours are on the Aussie flag?
  • A. Hang on, I’ll google it. Next?
  • Q. How long have indigenous people lived in Australia?
  • A. What mob? The crew next door? Define “indigenous” Next?
  • Q. When did European settlers arrive?
  • A. Which ones? The Dutch, Portugese, French or that criminal rabble flushed out of the sewers in 18th century England?

This entire process is yet another act in a long running circus, performed by a pack of clowns with the one wearing the biggest oversized shoes and serious weepy clown face being Kevin Andrews. Little wonder he was removed from IR. I’m not at all certain he should be driving this clown car either.

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