Mar 112008

I’ll be succinct. Gerard Henderson is having a whine about the Canberra press gallery focussing on coalition deadwood on the backbenches.

He raises a couple of ‘what-if’ scenarios and then postulates that certain circumstances would result. He then compares actualities with his fantasies, claiming some perverse kind of quid pro quo
Let’s be clear. Downer, Costello, Vaile et al are quite literally flotsam, however high-profile flotsam which seems to be bobbing up on the outgoing tide. Senators Ray and Faulkner might be movers and shakers within the Labor party, but neither has ever been a government minister who contracted industrial diarrhoea when thrust into opposition through an election loss.
The parallels Henderson attempts to draw are simply more of the same from those with a born-to-rule mentality, both within the political ranks and without, in the media. It’s no startling news that Henderson is a conservative apologist, but one wonders if he really does believe that anyone takes him seriously when he writes pap like this.

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