Sep 222010

yet another near-sighted view of the government’s broadband initiative, from……who?

"This has added to the growing chorus of industry criticism of the federal government’s internet plans.

Graeme Wood, founder of the online travel bookings service, yesterday questioned the value of pouring taxpayer funds into a data speedway that most households would use to download games and movies."

Just who is Graeme Wood, and where in the scheme of ‘dot-com-entrepreneur successes’ does wotif_dot_com sit? Big, fat, hairy deal for Graeme Wood, and so what if the great unwashed get a buzz out of being able to download games & movies faster. Just what does Wood think the peasantry use the all-powerful internet for now? Perhaps Woods believes the unwashed ought not be allowed to use the internet, unless they’re making money from it, like he does. I also have to ask….what growing chorus are the journalists – Natasha Bita and Samantha Maiden – referring to? Andrew Forrest, who whinges about anything & everything in general terms; The CEO of iinet, an ISP – whoopee-doo; and who or what is Vocus Communications? The only individual of any note with an apparent whinge about the NBN is Dick Smith, claiming the NBN "had never been properly costed". Well, how does one measure a piece of string? Australia is a big place and FTTH has never been attempted here before. I haven’t researched, but has it been done anywhere in the world on a comparable basis to what Australia plans? I seriously doubt it.

Let’s get realistic for a moment, shall we? The linked article has bugger all to do with highlighting the so-called “growing chorus of industry criticism”. If the person’s listed are evidence of a chorus then the choir is exceedingly lacking in voice. The linked article has far, far more to do with continuance of political attacks against the Labor government by the Murdoch press, in particular, The Australian. Note the authors. I can’t say much about Natasha Bita, but do know that Samantha Maiden has the kind of form praised by The Oz editor, Chris Mitchell, as a standard bearer for conservatism. It’s becoming rather pathetic, this overt antipathy The Oz has towards the Labor government. Even sadder is the continual denial by the paper’s senior staff of what the rest of Australia can clearly see is going on. The Fourth Estate has no business playing partisan politics, but at The Oz, it’s modus operandi du jour

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