Jun 202007

Tim Blair features large in Ken Parish’s latest poke at the blogospheric corpse. I make it a rule to not soil my blogging sensibilities by frequenting Blairville, but having seen the Media Watch spray at Blair last Monday, I felt almost compelled to follow the links.

Ahhh, yes. Self-righteousness thy name is surely Blair. Never wrong, is our Timmy, yet he does admit to having to back away, nay, even apologise from time to time.

…in 2002 I corresponded with Media Watch executive producer Tim Palmer – then the ABC’s Middle East correspondent – over a matter that might relate to the program’s current issues with freedom of speech.

Palmer first contacted me in June, 2002, about this post, in which I sought the origin of a unsourced Shimon Peres quote that appeared in a Palmer article. He vowed to sue me unless I published an apology and withdrawal. I was a freelancer at the time, without the finances to challenge any serious legal action, so – following lengthy email exchanges – I eventually caved:

I wish to apologise to Tim Palmer for any inference that the quotes attributed to Shimon Peres in the above article were concocted or invented, and to acknowledge that his report as originally submitted to the ABC was accurate and reliable.

I myself have had a lengthy email exchange with the Daily Telegraph opinion page editor. He back-peddled then as well.

Personally, I believe Media Watch was quite correct in slating Blair in company with the other media sponsored ratbags on the night. As someone who clearly revels in the self-aggrandisement of supposedly being the OzSphere’s doyen virtually hosted opinion, I believe it behooves Blair to show some modicum of consistency in his approach to his profession. The Blair blog is no less a media tome than the opinion pages he purports to edit for the Murdoch press. It is a sponsored vessel for the hate-nicks, bigots and generally brainless boofheads which inhabit our society, yet, even though I don’t read the Daily Telegraph’s opinion pages, I’ll warrant Blairs editing of bile there is much more circumspect than he applies to his blog.

The anti-anything crowd of shrieking baboons which inhabit the Blair blog are no better and probably the very same people as those featured splattering their venal vitriol across the opinion pages of the newspapers noted on Media Watch. My advice to Blair and his ilk is simple. If you don’t like being splashed, don’t drop shit from a great height.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, reader, I feel I should go bathe. I wonder if the Camry post will surface again. The comments are an absolute scream!

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