Dec 112006

Bannerman reads a few blogs, but only a few. In fact…..very few. History has not been kind to the Oz ‘sphere and neither has time. The same authors persist, some with different faces, but most with the same tired approach to representation of what passes for political analysis of the domestic and international scene. From the little of what Bannerman has decided to partake, blogging in Australia is still as non-objective and cynical as it ever was.

 Take, for instance, the weblog of newly ensconced News Ltd writer (term used loosely), Tim Dunlop. Now, don’t make the mistake that Bannerman doesn’t appreciate the efforts of Mister Dunlop, but surely if one is intending on being taken seriously, as one presumes Mister Dunlop is seeking to be in his role of Oz ‘sphere ambassador to the Empire of Murdoch, references to politicians by derogatory nicknames is just a little pass’e, is it not? Additionally, Bannerman finds such referencing more than a little gimmicky and not to put too fine a point on the issue, disrespectful. Surely NOT the face one wishes to portray when one is the mundane’s representative to the court of Rupert.

Bannerman’s words to the wise, young Dunlop. Rise above the scribblers, the dribblers, the cynics, the would-be’s-if-only-university-lecture-timetables-permitted. The man’s full name is Kevin Michael Rudd, which makes his initial/surname address K.M.Rudd or leaving our the ‘middle’ name, K.Rudd. Definitely not Krudd and most certainly NOT Kruddy. Heavy Kevie; Dr.Death, although this one seems to have been allocated elsewhere; or Harry Potter if you absolutely must, but please, don’t wriggle around in the stagnant pond waters with the rest of the ‘sphere. You don’t do it well and it doesn’t become you.

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