Jul 272007

Bracks era ends in Victoria
And all the main-stream media really have to offer is commentary on whether today’s pollies are eitgher working too hard at what they do, or don’t have the stamina of the statesmen and women of the past.

Of course it’s a hard job, with long hours and little time for one-self, let along ones family, but let’s be realistic for a moment. These people – the Gallops, the Brogdens, the Sherrys, et al all chose to do what they eventually step down from. They all – if they’re even halfway serious – would be giving everything they are to the positions for numerous reasons both political and egotistical.
The Bracks rationale is easy to pick and it’s not because the man is over-stressed, depressed or otherwise ill. His son’s arrest for drink-driving after he wrote off the family SAAB earlier this month would have a hell of a lot to do with today’s decision.
I applaud Steve Bracks, not as a politician, because I don’t know his modus operandi. I applaud him as an individual, and as a husband and father. Life is fleeting, and your children are only ever on loan to you anyway. Regardless of what anyone may think of him as Premier of Victoria and Labor politician, I believe he deserves all the plaudits under the Sun for having the guts to call ‘enough’ and step away from one life in favour of another because he knows by doing so those he loves most will benefit more than himself.
You’re a big man, Steve Bracks. Much bigger than many will ever give you credit for. I applaud you.

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