Aug 142007

Any opportunity to take a jab at the ABC by the Murdoch press, it seems.

To anyone who heard the supposed gaffe on The 7:30 Report last night, what was aired as a jumbled mix of Michael Brissenden’s voice and Kerry O’Brien’s supposed ‘tirade’, which was hardly discernible. I believe the word ‘bloody’ make an appearance – shock horror and gasp – but apart from that, certainly nothing to shriek and gnash one’s teeth over.
Yet, at the head of a long list of Hollywood celebs uttering F-word expletives, politicians plotting intrigues and extra-dopey pundits telling tales out of class while peeing we find Kerry O’Brien having a whinge about someone mucking up a ‘bloody’ auto-cue link. I’m aghast.
Must be a really slow day at news_dot_com.

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