Jul 092008

Okay, I’ll admit to having nothing much to write about today. Politics is boring. Climate change is far too vague at present to make any worthwhile comment about, and besides, I haven’t finished reading the Garnaut Report yet. In desperation, I opened the Daily Telegraph – you know the one – and blow me down if the word ‘dump’ didn’t leap off the screen at me.

SShot_ 2008-07-09 20.45001

Pammy dumps on Tommy; Jana gets dumped by the AOC; Morris thinks Labor want to dump him; a Parramatta thugby fan get’s dumped and David Gallop dumps on Russell Crowe. Then there’s Michael Hagan and Jason Taylor dumping on each other, an unknown Australian tourista – doubtless drunk, stoned or otherwise off his face – dumped on by a Pamplona bull with the page rounded off by Tim Ross dumping on Kyle Sandilands and an anonymous two-tonne lump of concrete doing some dumping of its own.

If you really wanted to get into the dumping mode, you could even drag in "Our Nic’s" dad dumping on the secret behind her kid’s name. But I couldn’t give a shit, so I didn’t.

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