Jul 082007

Insiders – ABC

I don’t know about anyone else out in blogland, but I’m growing rather bored with Insiders.

Could it be, perhaps, because Andrew Bolt hasn’t made any appearances for quite some time now? Oh yes, Piers Akerman and Gerard Henderson do their best to stand in, but seriously, Akerman can’t help but put a size 10 into his gob practically every time he opens it, and displays the most God-awful lack of professionalism whenever anyone, Barry Cassidy included, dares to pick him up on his failings. Henderson gives every impression of wishing he were somewhere else, and rarely, if ever, engages the other commentators on an issue. In fact, if Body language is a guide to these things, and I believe it is, Henderson sits facing away from the group, legs tightly crossed, shunning any direct contact in the discussions. Very poor.

Bring back Bolt, I say! Liven up the Sunday morning breakfast lie-in. There’s nothing I relish more than berating Bolt from the comfort of my own bedroom, Sunday cuppa in hand, while he’s on national television making the dolt of himself that he’s so good at. What’s a weeks political musings without some idiot quote from Bolt about climate change not being real?

You can keep your Piers Akermans and your Gerard Hendersons. Give me the Dolt, I say. At least he’s never boring.

  One Response to “Boring on the Inside”

  1. gave up on insiders months ago, cassidy was so piss weak with the panel , letting them get away with outrageous statements.
    i realized that it was just another right wing pat each other on the back show in the usa fox network mode and i could do with out that crap in my life

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