Sep 212008

This here’s something which has deserved exploration for many a moon

I’m particularly drawn to the prescription of drugs which have become du rigour for the patient. In my own person situation, I avail of two particular drugs which balance brain chemistry and metabolism. An anti-depressant and anti-reflux drug. I need the prescription for both replaced every five months because both are only any good for 30 days at a time. Each issuance has five repeats, hence the five month timetable. It’s become a matter of course and patient history that I require renewal of both prescriptions at regular intervals. To date, that requires an appointment with my GP for that specific purpose. Otherwise, I’m perfectly healthy. That appointment costs me, and the public purse, upwards of $50.
The bottom line, from my perspective and without additional argument about the anti-depressant – do I really need it or not – is that I impinge upon the public purse in a totally un-necessary manner every five months, when a lesser qualified individual, equipped with my medical history, could just as easily and in a lest costly manner, attend to my needs. The fact that a ‘nurse’ might write my prescription, as opposed to a ‘doctor’, doesn’t concern me in the least. As long as I achieve the aim of my visit, surely, all needs are fulfilled.
I see no barriers, real or imagined, to the issuance of prescriptions like mine by an individual suitably qualified, but not a medical doctor, in the general community circumstance. Certainly, borders need to be defined, however, I see dramatic savings in cost terms and equivalent savings in resource terms by further exploration of such a path.

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