Nov 292007

Hey! hey!…..My! My! The shattered federal Liberal Party decided to opt for the non-millionaire, less brash Dr. Brendan Nelson as new party leader. I only have one question. Why?
Brendan Nelson, the man who fluffed his lines when he admitted that Australia is in Iraq for the oil. Brendan Nelson, the man who’s bum leaves more of an impression on Parliamentary seats than he’s managed to leave on the Parliament proper in the 11 years he’s been in politics. The man who brought Universities voluntary student unionism and loss of facilities funding which the institutions are struggling to pay for themselves. The man who presided over Australia’s current skills crisis because he failed to foresee and provision for trade and further education training places.
Other than the rare appearance at the despatch box, during which he usually managed to trip over his own tongue, what has this man achieved that’s positive and forthright? Oh, alright, that’s two questions, but the principal query remains. Why in the name of all that’s sane would a broken political entity elect a non-performer as a leader? There can be only one answer. A majority of current Liberal Party Parliamentary members simply can’t hack Malcolm Turnbull. They’d prefer the soft option. I predict we’ll see the real metal of Turnbull in 12 to 18 months when the vacant space which is Brendan Nelson is challenged for the lead role in the conservative panto.
And then, there’s Tony Abbott……….

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