Jun 022009

Here’s yet another example of just how disoriented the coalition of the disgruntled are these days.

“There was a regrettable incident in the party room today for which there has been an unreserved apology and I won’t be making any further comment on that matter,” – Senator Brett Mason

The ‘regrettable incident’ was a near miss punchup in the joint party room between Alby Schulz (Lib) and fellow Liberal, Christopher Pearce. Alby had his knickers in a knot over a proposed three corner contest in the NSW seat of Monaro, traditional National Party country. Apparently, Alby’s staunch anti-Nationals stance wasn’t appreciated in the leadup to Malcolm Turnbull wanting to tell his acolytes to not allow the government to make the coalition an issue. Well, the government did make it an issue in fact QT was an absolute hoot because of it!
On a slightly more serious note, nominations for the seat of Higgins have been called by the Liberal Party, closing 30 June. All eyes will be on the incumbent, especially those belonging to Malcolm Turnbull. Costello can only hope for more days like today

  2 Responses to “Bring Back The Biff!”

  1. My only regret is that Tuckey didn’t have his ‘donger’ in play.

  2. My only regret is that Tuckey didn’t have his ‘donger’ in play.

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