Dec 152006

The time has come to recapture the centre. The time has come to forge a new coalition of political forces across the Australian community, uniting those who are disturbed by market fundamentalism in all its dimensions and who believe that this country is entitled to a greater vision than one which merely aggregates individual greed and self-interest.

The Monthly magazine – an intelligent, independent voice.

Bannerman has just finished reading this essay from The Monthly, authored by Kevin Rudd. He was led to it by this appraisal of Rudd, written by Justin Whelan. The B-man believes now more than ever that his original opinion of Rudd as being the one to lead Labor out of the neo-liberal inspired wilderness, was right. You are strongly encouraged, reader, to take in Rudd’s essay. Masticate it. Dwell on it. Consider it’s subtlties and it’s bluntnesses. He’s right, you know.

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