Apr 182007

Just when Bannerman thought it was safe to open the comments door – after it was mended – it seems this blog has been attacked by a swarm of spambots. The host has aborted any connection to Moveable Type comment scripts, but has offered some salient advice on how to fix the problem. To those of you who so badly want to click that comment button, (yes, there are one or two) fear not! A remedy will be in place tout de suite.

  One Response to “Bugger!”

  1. Hey, hey…it’s working!
    Can you plug Akismet into Moveable Type? I know you can with some other blogging engines. Just requires someone to write the connection code for it. I have Aksimet in a WordPress blog and a webblog using Expression Engine. Works a treat.
    Post something clever and I’ll be inspired to comment!

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