May 162008

GASP!!  Such extravagant waste of a renewable resource!

So, next year, let’s spend a measly $30,000 on schmick USB drives, and probably another $5,000 on a password protected website – although how long that security would remain inviolate seems debatable – and save the tax payer the shame of having elected such a wastrel government.

Instead, we’ll have the tax payer buy USB drives for anyone who wants one, with the budget papers recorded on them, of course. The website idea has whiskers, so let’s not even go there. At least that way the shame of using 18,800 kilograms of paper can fall to the individual USB drive receivers, who will, almost to an individual, print the documents for reading at their leisure rather than sit for hours in front of a screen. The government can be seen to be squeaky clean, environmentally; Murdoch media outlets will have to find something of real consequence to ping them for; and the shame of being tree-killers can be shared among a great many people who have no inkling of the collective effect of their undoubted actions, and couldn’t care less anyway. As is said, a problem shared is a problem halved. The more the sharing, the smaller the problem.

By the by…..can anyone explain to me how 18,800 kilograms of paper can be utilised in the printing and binding of documents, the end product of which winds up weighing 3,900 kilograms less than the paper used alone?

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