Aug 282007

I caught the first article on Media Watch last night, and frankly fail to understand why Kyle Sandilands still manages to occupy a place within the Australian entertainment industry.

Admittedly, he is entertaining from a morbid fascination point of view, but in terms of actually contributing anything to Australian society, he’s about as productive as a fresh cow pat.
Now, I still regard myself as a smoker purely because I will still, on occasion, have a cigarette or puff on a pipe when the urge takes me. Those occasions aren’t regular nor are they often, but I’ve always maintained that once a smoker, always a smoker because the urge never really goes away. Just as an alcoholic can be dry for years, one drink tips them over the edge because it tastes and feels so good. Smoking, for me, is very similar. All that said, I’m not a proponent for other people smoking, nor am I an opponent of the habit. It’s a personal thing, which each and every individual needs to decide for themselves, which is the angle I believe Sandilands was attempting to push in his runaway bulldozer approach to the issue. As a smoker, I know very well the aggravation a smoker experiences when constantly bombarded by do-gooders sprouting about the dangers smoking holds for a person’s health. Yes, I think we all know damn well that the realities of inhaling a toxic mix of chemicals as a vapour which includes massive doses of carbon particulates can’t possibly be beneficial. The very least you’ll experience is a loss of lung capacity through destruction of alveoli and emphysema. The potential for lung cancer is not sharply defined, but remains a high probability as long as tobacco smoke is being inhaled. There’s the associated issues of health concerns in those who are subjected to the secondary smoke exhaled by smokers, but that’s a whole other kettle.
So, while it’s fairly safe to say that smoking itself, won’t kill you, the associated implications of doing so will, in some form or other. It’s equally likely that you won’t die in your sleep, so much as drown in your own lung fluids or suffocate from lack of oxygen being exchanged internally. Hardly pleasant. However, as I stated previously, all the advertising under the Sun, all the do-gooder exhortations to give the habit away won’t change a dedicated smokers mind. The only way a smoker will quit is if the smoker decides to quit and follows through on that decision.
Idiots like Sandilands have no place in the grand scheme speaking out against public health initiatives which benefit the majority, especially when those initatives are ostensively paying his wages. If he had something of worth to add to the debate, then his statements might have some validity, but simple-minded rants have no value whatsoever. Just like the person making them.

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