Sep 192011

News Limited ‘Journalist’ Chris Kenny makes yet another vain attempt at setting what he perceives to be the record, right.

The emphasis in his opinion piece – something News Limited has taken to extraordinary lengths since the installation of a non-conservative government in Australia since 2007, as opposed to actually reporting news factually – is as is to be expected, focussed entirely on one person’s biased perspective. In the Hollywood movie, “Dirty Harry” the lead character put such opinions into their proper place. “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one”. I like to further clarify that claim with the rejoinder, “…and some are smellier than others”. For mine, Kenny’s arsehole stinks.
The man is decidedly disingenuous in his postulations, and in his baseless attacks on his own journalistic colleagues. We’ve seen only recently just how Kenny chooses to push the bounds of reality and social acceptability in his unjustified attacks on David Hicks. The lack of objectivity in Kenny’s treatise speaks volumes for his bias, and his unprofessional attacks on his journalistic colleagues are quite simply beyond the pale.
It matters not a dot what Chris Kenny thinks on any issue, be his opinion right, wrong or indifferent. That he avidly wears his bias in public view, airing his stupidity regularly in social media’s peanut gallery, #auspol, quite frankly disqualifies him from having any form of objectivity in the discussion of right or proper government in this country. He, as with others of his ilk, adroitly continues to sidestep the fact that democracy has functioned satisfactorily in this country over the past two Parliamentary terms. Governments have been elected in accordance with our Constitution, and to that effect, all is right with our political world. Nothing that Chris Kenny or indeed any other disgruntled conservative apologist might think, do or say has any impact on the democratic functionality of Australia’s body politick. We have a functional government which has passed more than 190 pieces of constructive legislation in this term, without meaningful objection or amendment. All the scare mongering, out-raged outcries from the poor loser cadre in our society, or opposition for opposition’s sake on behalf of the democratic government’s political opponents is going to change the current status quo. What the current government does or doesn’t do is deemed to be in the national interest of all Australians, whether or not we who elect our representatives agree with individual legislative instruments. In two years time, in accordance with our Constitution, we, the people, will once again have the opportunity to express our like or dislike of the current government. These are very basic democratic tenets, which Kenny and his ilk need to take to heart, accepting these things as unchanging reality.
To be writing bile-driven smelly arsehole compositions in a national newspaper simply because he can adds absolutely nothing to the democratic process. Doing so only serves to highlight the profile of the author as a know-nothing, whining, bleating n`ere-do-well who suffers from delusions of grandeur.

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