Aug 052008

Not being a fan of general lunacy or right-wing radicalism, I’m not an avid reader of Andrew Bolt.

In fact, I regard him as something akin to a freak show oddity or more pointedly, like a road accident which you know you should pass by as efficiently as possible, but can’t resist slowing to gawk at. Such was the fascination when browsing the Courier Mail online today, when I noticed a link to Bolt. Couldn’t resist gawking.

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One after the other, after the other, and then a clueless re-hash of something from yesterday pointing out that members of the Communist Party, ie; ‘leftists’, given that the anointed example of Professor David McKnight happens to be the editor of the Communist Party newspaper, have to be wrong about climate change because…..they’re ‘leftists’??!!! Bolt makes this classic, all-encompassing statement at the end of the aforementioned post.

Incidentally, what does it say about our universities that a man who could be so wrong for so long and in such a tyrannical cause is now given a senior position, teaching students?

I’d pose this question to Bolt. Who says McKnight is wrong, presumably about climate change? Where’s the definitive, irrefutable, scientific evidence that McKnight is ‘wrong’? Certainly not in Bolt’s blog, that much I can assure you of, reader. And it seems that Universities per se, of which Bolt himself is a graduate, are dens of iniquity because they allow learned individuals to speak freely about the damage human industrial expansion is doing to the only planet we have to live on. And the blather goes on with a supposed ‘pinging’ of Sir Richard Branson, by Bolt himself, of course, which comes to Bolt courtesy of one of his own personal species of flying monkey which report to him from all over the shop on those brainless leftists bald-faced enough to speak about climate change. A ‘pinging’ clearly out of context, but selectively pointed to in a bid to support Bolt’s mindless rant against a concept which, overwhelmingly, the global community accepts as fact. Not theocratic faith, but scientific fact.

The man is mad! There can be no other rational response to his continual tirade based on ideologically oriented, cyclopian ignorance of the world in which he lives, but refuses to acknowledge the existence of.

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