May 112010

There’s a remarkably banal, yet pointed justification by Catherine Deveney on the ABC’s website today. Banal, because seriously, who gives a shit what she tweeted, where & when she tweeted or who she tweeted about? Pointed because to my mind, she has a very valid point in this whole internet censorship debate, and broader, depending on your perspective, on the oppression of women in the workplace.

Mar 262010

Here’s a truly bizarre story from the land of the truly bizarre. The current American administration wants banks – a very broad term in US parlance – to reduce or even negate mortgage payments for people who are unemployed. To someone who has lived, eaten and breathed mortgage finance all his working life, this is unheard of, even more so for a capitalistic culture which supposedly prides itself on a reliance on free market dynamics as the cornerstone of its existence. But let’s back up a moment, and recall that the American usury culture has never been truly capitalistic. Had […]

Jan 192010
Only in America #6

This is an absolutely bizarre story, but strangely not at all out of place with American culture. Openly admitted to by the company concerned, Trijcon Inc.  apparently the inscriptions constitute the proselytising of religion by the US Military, which is constitutionally forbidden. Thing is, the US Military wasn’t aware, or if it was, deliberately defied constitutional law. Something that I find really left field, and the truly bizarre part of the scenario. Crusade?? Well, depends on when this bunch of corporate bible-bashers decided to start practicing this preaching through the point of a gun. Was it around the same time […]

Oct 142009

Hey, who’s seen Andrew Denton’s new production, “Hungry Beast”? I’m undecided at this point, but it’s certainly contentious. It’s also sadly inaccurate. Tim Blair is NOT, in any way, shape or form, even close to being anything even remotely approaching the description of humourist. Bigoted, mindless arsehole, maybe.

Jun 262009

Deaths in the media this morning. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and an un-named truck driver simply doing his job late at night. Jackson and Fawcett take masthead space across the major dailies. Tributes flow, the usual eulogies extolling virtues and ignoring flaws are available for all to read. What of the un-named TNT driver? Plugged by a stray bullet from what is assumed to have been a confrontation between criminal elements in a KFC carpark adjacent to the road upon which the B-Double truck was passing. Apparently death was instant, the truck simply stopped, which is in itself remarkable, but […]

Apr 022009

This is fascinating… Incessant pen-clicking by hospital workers could be a Geiger-counter for stress and should be investigated If pen-clicking is a stress indicator, how would my ardent desire to reach into the phone and wreak bloody havoc on finance brokers generally be viewed, I wonder.