Jan 192009

Maybe my warped sense of humour is driving this one. The estranged wife of Bob Jane allegedly waved a knife at the tyre magnate and told him she was going to shoot him….. Maybe the bullet is very small but very sharp. Maybe she wasn’t wearing her correct specs? Maybe she just wasn’t looking at all? I think it’s pretty funny, anyway.

Jan 162009

That fawning acolyte of John Winston Howard, Tony Abbott, has again suborned the pages of the ABC Online to ooze lyrical about what a great guy his messiah is and how said messiah having his ego massaged by a failed US president is a compliment to Australia. “If Barack Obama were one day to give Kevin Rudd the Medal of Freedom, I’d be pleased for him and for Australia. Somehow, I think he’s more likely to offer the US President his advice than our help.” As it ought to be too!

Jan 142009
Whole Lotta Vapor, I Reckon

Together with fast food, climate change, cigarette smoking and alcohol it’s now been revealed that a faithful remedy for the common cold – Vicks Vaporub – is bad for us. Maybe that’s what’s made me such an irascible bloke? I blame my old man. He was always shoving Vicks up his conk if he had a cold, and like any impressionable young fella, we boys all did likewise. On the chest and under the nostrils as well. Sure, the fumes would get in your eyes, but not for long. Vicks evaporates pretty quickly on warm skin. Personally, I’m with the […]

Dec 012008

Especially for you, out there, on the so-called suburban Left. David Hicks is a terrorist and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is his apologist. Things Piers Akerman seems to believe we all need reminding of.

Aug 302008
Business As Usual?

I doubt I’m the only blogger in Oz to have spotted this, especially at 5:00pm, but I notice that the Fairfax determination for business as usual during a journalists strike isn’t quite holding up. Most of the online frontpage articles are dated May 28, 2008. I guess it’s business as usual if you’re temporally challenged. Perhaps Fairfax are feeling the pressure of a bloody-minded approach to industrial relations after all. Technorati Tags: main stream media,Fairfax,journalists strike